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Become a highly effective team leader and group facilitator

Learn the skills that allow teams to work better together, and act as a whole in just 6 weeks!

Do any of these sound familiar?

"How do I read all the big egos in that room?"

"They're not normally creative, how do I get them working together to come up with innovative ideas?"

“What magic do I use to get them to align and agree to a path forward?" 

"How to create higher levels of trust and accountability?" 

"How do I deal with the unspoken tension in this group?" 

"I wish I could learn to do that."

       Did you nod your head to any (or all) of the above?

You are in the RIGHT place!



  • Directors and managers looking to create more connection, cohesion, and results

  • Existing coaches or change professionals looking to move from 1:1 work to group work

  • Group leaders seeking elevate their group experience and results

  • Professionals looking to improve their online meetings

  • Leaders seeking to learn to navigate conflict in groups

  • Learning and development professionals looking to develop more in-depth facilitation skills

  • Self-taught facilitators who wish to broaden their exposure to models or ideas


What Makes The Leadership

Dojo Unique?

It’s having true behavioral flexibility when you're working with a group. You can flow and lead according to their needs rather than forcing them to play by your rules.


Great facilitation frees a group to think, feel, and act as a dynamic whole. It invites healthy conflict and genuine commitment.

It's more a set of ideas and principles working together, rather than a rigid plan.


This kind of leader is a master context creator and can display true flexibility stemming from experience and training— the kind of training you’ll receive in the leadership dojo.

What Does the Course Look Like?

 6 week course

Learn the skills and distinction and practice with other leaders like you. 

Dojo Sessions

Practice in live group scenarios to hone your skills


One-on-one calls with me throughout the course

Leadership Profile

Receive a personalized leadership profile to support your growth

 (Commit to Mastery participants only)

Silent Retreat

An online guided silent meditation retreat to deepen your attunement skills

 (Commit to Mastery participants only)


There will be regular Q&As throughout the course

What You'll Learn

Facilitation as a leadership style

How to facilitate yourself & others

Facilitating Groups & Group Dynamics

Interventions for Groups & Individuals

Managing energy & conflict in groups

Dealing with difficult participants

Advanced facilitation skills

How to design great meetings


There are no prerequisites, however having a specific facilitation project in mind will help embed the learning.


Existing experience of coaching or some form of one-on-one change modality is useful, however not essential.


  • Develop a personalized framework for facilitation that enables you to elegantly structure a facilitation session.

  • Structure frames to help steer a group towards positive change or learning and avoid potential pitfalls that could have derailed your facilitation.

  • Emotionally intelligent leadership-Differentiate between surface and deep structure language and recognize when and how to challenge the words used by group members to unlock learning.

  • Build and cleanly set up group exercises so they run cleanly and maximize their impact.

  • Set clear learning or change objectives that help you align the needs of sponsors with those of individuals within a group. 


What Do We Aim To Accomplish?


What Makes A Team Work Better Together?

What people are saying about David Young

"I have experienced participating in many meetings and also facilitating many meetings myself and David Young is by far the best team and meeting facilitator I have met. David is an amazingly calm and confident person that makes people feel heard, understood, valued and uplifted. He is able to create an atmosphere and a structure that enables peaceful, meaningful and productive conversations."


Rafael Guignard / Life and Performance Coach

Diana cutout_edited.jpg
Diana cutout_edited.jpg

What I appreciate about David that he brings out the best of a group, helping them to be productive together, making sure everyone feels and is included. He is very organized, catches quickly where the group is going which helps them to achieve their desired outcome.


Diana Winter / Meditation Coach

What I appreciate about David that he brings out the best of a group, helping them to be productive together, making sure everyone feels and is included. He is very organized, catches quickly where the group is going which helps them to achieve their desired outcome.



Coaching with David has allowed me to think about my business, my teams, and my conscious leadership in all new ways. 
He possesses the qualities of a sherpa who's helping you to climb what seems like Mt. Everest on a daily and weekly basis.  I recommend any leader of any organization or household, whether you are a manager or an executive or a teacher or public official who is interested and committed to doing things in a whole and better way. If you are really thinking infinitely and expansively at real true human potential than I would recommend you get coaching with David Young.

You won't regret it. 

Amada Powers / president of FC Tucson 
3rd division men's professional soccer club

Choose A Plan

The Masterclass

6 weeks of practice and class. Take your first steps in the dojo, learn the concepts, and begin training together. 

Commit To Mastery

In addition to the 6 week program, Commit to Mastery is an in-depth practice group growing towards mastery over 5 months. Practice and receive consistent feedback to make great facilitation a habit. Your leadership will never be the same.

David Young _edited_edited.jpg

   Hi, I'm David Young. 

I help leaders move beyond ‘business as usual’ and facilitate authentic creativity with their teams.

About Me

"I'm humbled and excited by the opportunity to share what I believe are the most important ideas, tools and distinctions for a facilitator to have at their disposal. And I invite you to practice with me.

I really do believe that if you open yourself to this program and commit to practicing in the dojo you can significantly increase your effectiveness in working with groups and in facilitating learning."

David Bio Photo.jpg

WholeHearted Facilitator, Certified Coach, Trainer

David is a co-founder of WholeHearted. He is a Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, with a focus in leadership development.

For over a decade he has empowered leaders to cultivate lives which impact the world while being centered in the heart.

He loves traveling, hanging out in tea shops, and camping with his kids.


David has it all, he catches the goal of the group so quickly, comes prepared with an agenda, seems so easy in listening and reflecting and at the same time pulls out every person to contribute to a higher vision and commitment.
He is a master in including everybody and ending meetings on a high note.

Hilde Wieman-Family Coach

hilde wiemann photos.jpg

I have spoken with David, personally and from the past group calls he has facilitated here's my testimonials "David's anticipating and preparation is one of the best that i have seen. His presence and service creates compassionate, meaningful and goal driven energy to lead the team to its vision.

Yoshinori Tamukai-Life Coach


David is brilliant at coming into difficult and challenging situations and bringing direction and solutions where there seems to be none. He has a gift for understanding deeper emotions and a keen awareness of group dynamics. I always feel comfortable and productive when he leads our team.

Stephan Winter- Culinary Chef

IMG-20180926-WA0000 (1).jpg
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